Auctions in the Okanagan

1Advantages to Using a Kelowna Auto Auction

Kelowna Auto Auctions have many benefits. First of all, they will save you money. When you use a Kelowna auto auction to buy your next car you will save money, and sometimes these savings can be very substantial. An initial bid is made, and then interested individuals can bid higher in order to be the final bidder and win the right to purchase the vehicle. Secondly, you have the option of purchasing a newer vehicle. Auctions where automobiles are offered may provide newer vehicles, and you could find ideal makes, models, and years for autos that you are looking for. You can get newer choices while paying less because of the wide selection and the fact that other bidders may not be as interested in the same vehicles that you are. Thirdly, you are able to choose from a bigger vehicle selection. Some of the most popular auction providers will offer many cars for sale at each auction, and that means that you may find a bigger vehicle selection to choose from. And lastly, you get to choose from vehicles that have already been inspected. Some of the best Kelowna auto auction companies will offer vehicles which have been checked out and inspected. This is not always true though, so make sure that you know what has been done and what you are getting for the money that you spend before you start bidding.

2How to Find Okanagan Automotive Auctions

To find Okanagan automotive auctions, look for Okanagan automotive auction listings in your local newspaper. Some auction services will place a notice in the local newspapers to inform the public about any upcoming auctions. Checking the newspapers on a regular basis can help you find auction opportunities and allow you to find vehicles that you want for less money. Check out online boards and other Internet resources for auction notices as well. Some bigger auction companies will post a notice of any upcoming auctions online so that these are available to anyone who is interested. This requires monitoring of the Internet though, and it can be time consuming. In addition, call local auction companies to see when and if they will be holding an Okanagan automotive auction in the near future. This takes a little time but it will allow you to get current information and the latest auction dates possible. Search for auction companies in your area and then give them a call. You can also look through auto guides and publications for auction listings. If you are in the market for another vehicle then you probably already look through these publications, and they can contain information and listings for vehicle auctions that are close to you. And lastly, be sure to visit Okanagan automotive auction websites to see when auctions are being held. Auction providers who do a lot of business in your area or those who hold larger events usually detail these on the official website for the company. Spend a few minutes online checking out the auction company websites for businesses in your area, you may find more information than you expect about upcoming auctions.

3Using Okanagan Auctions to Find Your Next Vehicle

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is home to some of the largest auto auction companies in Canada, and they offer numerous vehicles for auction on a regular basis. Attending auctions for vehicles can be a good way to get the car, truck, or other vehicle that you need while saving money at the same time. In many cases you can get more vehicle for less, and the auction process is fairly easy to understand and follow. Some auction services may only have a few vehicles in stock to be auctioned off and others have numerous restrictions on who can participate in the auction. If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle in the Okanagan then one of the best places to start your search is at an Okanagan auto auction. It is possible to save thousands of dollars and get the vehicle that you want and need. It is possible to get newer model cars for far less than the usual retail or blue book value, and the savings that you get means that you have money left over for other things as well. The vehicles offered for auction can range from exceptional to those which may need a little work.


“I originally found this auction when I was browsing for used cars online, but decided not to bid online because I'm not really a fan of making large expenses online. After viewing the inventory, I decided to head over to the auction in-person with my son for the following Saturday.”

-John Rodgers, Okanagan Resident

“We heard about the Auto Auction from a neighbor and they had a good experience there and so she suggested and we decided to try it out. It was my first experience there. The staff there was extremely friendly. I would give it ten out of ten stars!”

-Sally Johnson, Okanagan Resident

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